7 Video Editing Tips for Super-Effective Marketing Videos

Marketing videos can have a huge impact on your business, as long as you pay close attention to the video editing. A well crafted video posted on your website and shared through social media can easily get organic hits to your site. The best of them can even go viral, giving you untold exposure for your goods and services. The entire process of making a video is important, but the end result can be made or broken in the editing room. With a few helpful tips in your toolbox, you can work towards a successful video post to promote your business. Many tools for making your own videos exist, and a number of excellent companies have video production professionals that can help give you a truly polished end marketing tool.1. Give a call to actionEvery time someone views your video, it is an opportunity to get some interaction with them. You can either mention something while filming, or add it in a text box during video editing. There is no limit to the kinds of actions you can promote, including to ask them to leave a comment below, sign up for a newsletter, click a link to see your blog, or to see another video.2. Make a seriesStand alone videos are great, but to really bring in traffic and promote your brand with staying power, be a go-to authority for a series of topics that are related. Release them all at different times, but during video editing, make sure they all have the same graphics, feel, and look.3. Don’t make it too longWhile people seeking answers do want a good explanation that they can follow and use, if it is too long, they will get bored and close out of the viewing box. During video editing, take out all of those places with silent pauses, or try a dubbed over music while you show labor intensive content time lapsed. Give the viewer what they want, but respect their time.4. Don’t be too salesyPeople that click on your video don’t want to watch a commercial. They want to know the answer to a question they have. It should be clear that your company created the video and that you can provide solutions. However, if you make too strong of a sales pitch, and have too many salesy text boxes popping up, then they will likely just close your video and move on to another option.5. Include a link to your websiteIn order for the video to bring you business, it needs to contain a link back to your website. Make sure it is prominent, like in a bolder font or in a text box. It can even be added to one of the corners of the screen for the duration of the show in the video editing process. Of course, in order to maximize your ROI on production costs, it is good to post the video in as many places as you can online. Industry related forums, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any and all other sites that offer free or low cost options of sharing should be considered.6. Use key wordsMake sure your video is one that pops up when a person does an Internet search for related content. Incorporating key words that people search for is the best way to do it. Start with making sure some are in the title. Every time you post about it or tag it anywhere, incorporate even more key words.7. Start with a great titleYou may have the best made video with the most amazing content, but if the title is vague or confusing, it is possible that people won’t click on it. Take some time to come up with something that really works. After all, you’ve likely already invested a good amount of time in writing and producing this marketing tool, not to mention the video editing. The title can be humorous or professional, depending on the type of business you have, but any final option should be descriptive and to the point.

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